We are aware of our environment and work towards providing a product which we feel will bring something useful and beneficial to our daily routines.

This will always be at the heart of each of our handmade products.

It’s important for us to know where the materials and ingredients used in our products are sourced

and the impact that they have on our environment.


Our intention is to make purposeful decisions and be sensitive to our surroundings to help minimise the environmental impact of our business by using plastic-free packaging, re-filling and re-using.

These values are why we source a renewable soy wax, essential oils, paraffin free botanical fragrances, lead-free cotton wicks and use recycled amber jars for our candles. 


We use UK made soy wax which is vegan, sustainable and biodegradable.

We like to keep things clean, simple, non-toxic by using 100% domestically grown soy wax.


By hand, we put the wick in the jar, place the crystal, pour the wax and label each of our candles to ensure the quality. As a small batch handmade artisan, we find the beauty in the perfection of imperfection, each item is unique and shows the makers touch.

We only source high quality products that we know are good

for you and the world we live in

Create a little magic

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