Jewellery care


Jhana Jewellery has been designed to be worn every day, here is some advice on how to love your

Jhana Creations and keep them in good shape.


··· Because it’s easy to leave Jhana jewellery on, they tend to get a little dirty (sun cream, makeup, saltwater, sweat and dirt can help to cause this) and they require a level of care and handling.  

A simple hand wash with mild soap and a hang dry will keep the thread fresh.

··· Keep them away and out of chemicals. The most common offenders are harsh cleaning products like bleach and body products such as lotions and perfumes. Taking care of your jewellery or avoiding contact with these types of products will also help with the longevity of the jewellery.

··· If for somd crazy reason your Jhana jewellery has not been worn for a while and the 92.5% sterling silver beads have started to look a little tarnished, rub each bead very carefully with a damp cloth until you start to see the shine and then get it on! Those crystals will want to be with you too!

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