• The Jhana ZODIAC choker collection was designed to have a delicate simplicity.

    These necklaces offer support for all the star signs. By pairing hand-picked healing crystals with the personality traits of each sign, they help to encourage a lovely sense of balance and peace while also highlighting the strengths of each zodiac sign.

    Each necklace is handmade using high quality semi-precious crystals, 925 sterling silver beads and waxed string cord.

    Made to last and be worn daily, both in and out of water.


    CANCER | Morganite

    21st June – 23rd July

    Signifying loyalty. Cancer is sensitive, imaginative, sympathetic and kind, with an intuitive mind. Ready for anything and always generous. Enjoys feeling secure, yet loves new adventures.

    Element | WATER

    Dominant Keyword | FEEL

    The Cancer Choker


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