• Feeling the need to have another CRYSTAL?

    Have a look at what we have here.

    Rose Quartz

    The megastar of the love crystals! Always encouraging trust and harmony, while gently drawing off negative energy. This stone encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance, which we all need at times, and also invokes self-trust and self-worth, giving plenty of unconditional love back. 

    Snowflake Obsidian

    We love this stone for its mighty protective qualities. It forms a mega-shield of amazingness against negativity, protects your own energy and then helps ease away those unloving thoughts. Your zen buddy of equilibrium, providing balance between mind, body and spirit. This crystal helps to get rid of negative energy and attracts positivity.


    A stone of new beginnings! Moonstone is the constant companion encouraging us to listen to our intuition and accept the cycles of change. The most powerful effects of this incredible crystal are its ability to stabilize our emotions while boosting inspiration and creativity, bringing success and good fortune in love and business ventures!!


    A superstar at being our personal soothing crystal! Amazonite helps to really alleviate fear and worry and dispel all those annoying stresses and aggravations that sometimes get in our way. It’s there encouraging us to trust and be open and to keep up communications. The stone of harmony.


    In need of a natural tranquilliser? Amethyst is extremely powerful at chilling us out and turning our perhaps mad scatter-brained moments into a more focused mind set. Strong healing and cleansing powers help enhance our spiritual awareness and connections, while balancing emotional highs and lows.


    This crystal encourages rational thought, truth and intuition by helping to bring serenity to our often-busy lives and moments of confusion. Just as this crystal beautifully calms our busy minds, it also allows the flow of new information to be received, creating the necessary space to put fresh insights into practice. 

    If there is a specific stone that you are looking for, then please feel free to send me an email and I’ll have a rummage in my crystal cabinet to see what I can come up with! 

    This is just a short overview of the incredibleness of these crystals. They do sooooooo much more. It’s an exciting journey when you start to build a relationship with crystals. 
    I hope you find something that pulls you in and helps you in the areas you need.
    Just enjoy them.

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