• The Jhana ZODIAC choker collection was designed to have a delicate simplicity.

    These necklaces offer support for all the star signs. By pairing hand-picked healing crystals with the personality traits of each sign, they help to encourage a lovely sense of balance and peace while also highlighting the strengths of each zodiac sign.

    Each necklace is handmade using high quality semi-precious crystals, 925 sterling silver beads and waxed string cord.

    Made to last and be worn daily, both in and out of water.



    GEMINI | Citrine

    21st May – 21st June

    Gemini is the mix of the yin and yang. Lively, energetic, versatile and intellectual. Living primarily in the mind rather than the emotions. Quick in thought and action and clever with words.   

    Element | AIR

    Dominant Keyword | THINK

    The Gemini Choker


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