• Jhana modern macramé interchangeable crystal cage necklace with sterling silver beads and adjustable lengths.




    The Necklace has been created to showcase beautiful crystals while complimenting any outfit.

    It is a contemporary take on traditional macramé, adding a simple and elegant touch to your wardrobe, whatever the season. It is decorative and versatile and can be worn strutting down the beach in your bikini with the necklace worn long, over the top of your favourite tee having coffee, or worn with your winter woollies or favourite dress.


    How to change the crystal


    Using the delicate silver bead around the stem of the cage you can lift this bead up, take the crystal out to admire it or replace it with another crystal depending on your thoughts, feelings or look of the day.




    The Necklace is made using waxed string cord which is highly durable and doesn’t fade in the sun. It is smooth and comfortable to wear, making it pleasant and not irritating around the neck. This is particularly important for people who want to wear The Necklace continuously keeping their crystals close.


    The Necklace is fully adjustable. You have the choice to wear it anywhere from around your Throat Chakra like a choker OR all the way down to your Solar Plexus Chakra (around your stomach).

    •  Shortest - approximately 27cm. Top of the first silver bead to the bottom of the cage.
    •  Longest - approximately 55cm long. From the very beginning of the string to the bottom of the cage.


    Aprox | 6.5 cm long from silver bead at the top of the cage to the bottom of the cage.

    Check in the crystal section to see which other crystals you can buy to put in your interchangeable cage.

    It’s an exciting journey when you start to build a relationship with crystals.
    I hope you find something that pulls you in and helps you in the areas you need.
    Just enjoy them.





    The Mulberry Necklace

    Cord: mulberry

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