How we spend our days is, of course,
how we spend our lives.

Dillard,Annie, The writing life, (HarperPerennial,1990)



We’ve taken the creativity of nature and the inspiration of crystals to make products which we can use in our daily life rituals.

Whether it’s from wearing your necklace and keeping your precious crystals close by, using the pure essential oil roller blend, or simply by lighting a candle you can create a lovely sense of well-being throughout the day.


For us at Jhana, the greatest thing about our jewellery is not only does it look good but it also makes us

feel great!


Crystals have an ability to...


··· Bring a positive sense of well-being both physically and mentally while growing positive energies.

··· Provide protection from negative thoughts, people and spaces including psychic protection.

··· Help to stimulate and activate creativity and mental agility!

··· Help with clarity and assist with being able to make better decisions and stabilising emotions.

··· Help you with your confidence, self-assurance and trust.


This is just a small over view of some of the possibilities of working closely with crystals.


Through the roller blends and candles, our strong sense of smell can be linked to our emotions.

The happiness that we recall through smell is as individual as the lives we lead. Both are infused with crystals to enhance these positive feelings.


We hope you keep using our creations in your daily life rituals
and create your own experiences and magic!

Create a little magic

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